Saturday, April 6, 2019

Create a website for your business | Earn Money Online

Here is what you need to know when you want to create a website for your business.

How to create a website for your business, free and without ads? What are the best ways and software to create a professional website easily?

The presence on the Internet has become unavoidable for all types of businesses, both businesses and craft or liberal activities. But before embarking on the construction of a website, think about an online communication strategy: what are your goals on the internet? what do your customers expect from your internet presence?

Create a website for your company: first define your internet strategy.

The presence on the web can have different objectives:

inform the customer about your products and services (commercial information),
inform suppliers, partners or specifiers about your company (institutional information),
be visible to generate calls, appointments, and therefore turnover,
maintain contact with customers (through a Facebook group for example),
better understand customers, their expectations and their behavior,
sell online,
reassure potential customers about quality by allowing them to view photos or read testimonials,
give information on access, means of payment, contact details, opening hours.
Your web-marketing strategy will vary depending on your objectives: depending on the case, you will need a simple page, a basic site or a large site or even an online sales site.

Imagine your website.

The next step is to imagine your website. The ideal is to write a specification for your future site, describing all the important elements:

domain name: this is the future address of your website (www.). His choice is essential, especially in terms of SEO (see our dedicated article),
general presentation, logos and colors ("graphic chart"): location of the menu (s), title, colors, photos,
pages: name of pages, description and content (texts, videos and images),
user scenario: navigation, site construction logic,
means of contact: e-mail address, form ...
links with other sites or with social networks,
keywords and goals / SEO strategy.
Also study the competition websites and find the best of them. Analyze the reasons for their success.

Create a website for your business: a free website.

Today, creating a website for your business is within everyone's reach, the only prerequisite is to be comfortable with the internet.

It is possible to create a showcase website very easily thanks to online solutions like Jimdo, or through the free website solutions of the french start-up SiteW.

Another solution, very powerful but which requires a little more technical knowledge, is to use the free version of WordPress. WordPress makes it possible to create a very complete showcase site, in the form of static pages or articles (in the case of a blog for example). It is possible to include additional features at any time, by modules to install, free or paid. WordPress provides a basic presentation template (theme), but it is possible to install other themes, free or paid.

We offer the following steps to create a website without ads with WordPress, with dedicated domain name:

Buy your domain name and your hosting space from a provider of type 1 & 1, Viaduct or OVH. Take the example of OVH:
connect to OVH,
in the domain name search bar, type the domain name you want to acquire and check its availability,
follow the purchase process. We recommend the "standard" service without additional option,
buy the hosting space at the same time: it is a server-based space that OVH will make available to you and which will "host" your site. Choose a web hosting Perso or lower to start, without additional option. Choose at the same time to install the WordPress module in one click,
create an account and make the payment online (count an initial cost of 43 € per year),
a few minutes later, you will receive from OVH an e-mail containing your login data and access to the back office of your WordPress website, that is to say to the administration panel from where you can manage your website.