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How to Make Money in 2019? 58 Tips and 89 Sites.

Fed up with these pop-ups that promise you to win 347 euros in an hour? Tired of these advertisements that explain to you (so-called) how to become rich on the Internet without particular knowledge and from your house? You do not know how to make money in 2019 without falling on a scam? Do you vomit every time you see the phrase "easy money" somewhere?

As I understand you.

Fortunately for you, I decided to search, evaluate and test real good ideas for making money.

With or without starting capital.

With or without prior knowledge.

With or without time (free) to devote to it.

But above all, without marketing speech, without blah to sell you the Porsche and without scams.

How to earn money on the internet
Although there are many scams, it is possible to make money on the Internet in 2019. Here is an overview of some methods that you may not know.

If you want more, find my super Top 167 reliable sites to earn money online and my 31 ideas to earn income on the net.

1. Rent on Airbnb

If you have not heard of Airbnb, it's still not too late. Airbnb allows you to rent your property over short or long periods and to offer people exceptional travel experiences. It's a community platform where travelers introduce themselves and homeowners describe their homes, where evaluations help to build trust with an interlocutor and most importantly, where relations are real, pleasant and personalized.

On Airbnb, therefore, you can offer your accommodation to travelers. To know how much it can bring you, go see this simulator. And you will see that it pays around the world!

But of course, on Airbnb, you can also travel. If you want to travel at a reduced price, then sign up on Airbnb via my link (by clicking here for example), you will receive a free credit of 25 euros to use for your first rental

airbnb seasonal rentals
Everything is rented on Airbnb: your castle, your hut at the bottom of the garden, your shell-shaped house ... ALL Click on the image to register and receive a credit of 25 euros on your first rental.

In their own words, "Whether it's an overnight apartment, a castle for a week or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people for experiences exceptional travel, at all prices, in more than 33,000 cities and 192 countries. With ultra-skilled user support and a growing user community, Airbnb is the easiest way to monetize an unoccupied space and put it on the map for millions of users. "

For example, a night rental in Lyon is sold between 50 and 120 euros, depending on location and size. An easy way to grow your latest acquisition.

To know how much is worth a night of rent in your home, go here.

Click here to read my full article on Airbnb, and find some tips to better showcase your home.

2. Read paid emails

Well, I guess you guess what it is. You just have to ... read emails. As simple as that. Well, most of the time, as on Ba-Click for example, these emails will lead to the visit of a website or to an inscription to an offer, otherwise you will not be paid.

There too, not enough to buy a Porsche, but a good ten euros per month and per site. Sometimes more.

Some people manage to earn enough money to buy a restaurant and a movie every month, casually it's not bad.

Two important tips before you sign up: create a new email address just for that because you might get a lot of spam; and never forget to validate the registration emails after you sign up for an offer or contest - otherwise your winnings will never be validated.

Here are some sites, among those that I prefer:

Ba-click. A young site plebiscite by many Internet users as the best of its category. I myself quickly gained 107 euros by testing it (I had a little luck though). Not bad is not it? For this, it will not hesitate to sign up for offers with trial periods or sites with cashback ...
Moolineo. It was created in early 2015 and is very popular. For my part, this site allowed me to earn 23 euros extras. Also makes it easy to earn money with paid offers, cashback, and product testing. Competitions are often organized to increase the chances of winning. And finally, the sponsorship is really advantageous.
LooNea. The youngest, created end of February 2016 by the Moolineo team. Offers offers yet

more targeted and rewarding than the latter.
To find out everything about paid e-mails, and find some great tips for maximizing your profits, check out this article. And if you want to read the tests of these sites, click on the article that interests you: Ba-Click, Moolineo or Loonea.

3. Respond to paid surveys

As the name suggests, this technique involves responding to online surveys or satisfaction surveys. You are then paid several euros by the brands that ordered the panel.

Of course, if your real objective is how to get rich, sorry it will not happen by answering paid surveys, but it's an easy way to supplement your income. You can expect to receive a dozen euros per site and per month.

There are plenty of paid survey sites, including:

Isay. A very reliable polling site, and pleasant to use. Register here for ISay France 🇫🇷.
Toluna. An attractive interface and funny polls. Payments can be made by transfer or gift certificate. Sign up here for Toluna France 🇫🇷. The complete Toluna test is here.
GreenPanthera which gives a welcome bonus of 4 € and offers really well paid surveys. Only downside, its interface is a bit ugly. Sign up here for Green Panthera France 🇫🇷.
LifePoints (formerly Global Test Market). The site with the best pay per survey. Sign up here for Lifepoints France 🇫🇷.
for other countries, see below ...
You are in 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪? Join free panels that work very well in Belgium: Toluna Belgium and ISay Belgium.
You are in 🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇨🇭? No problem. I propose you to subscribe to ISay Switzerland and Toluna Switzerland.
You are in 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦? I also have a solution. Sign up for Isay Canada or GreenPanthera Canada now. In the case of GreenPanthera, you will receive a bonus of $ 5.

I recommend that you register for several sites, so you will have daily polls to answer ... 😉

In my article where I explain the concept of the paid survey I present other sites! Go quickly discover this article.

4. Bet on horses ...

Yes, it is possible to make money thanks to the turf. The tiercé, the quarté, the quinté +, that speaks to you?

And you can even do it online. Operators are numerous in this niche and PMU, the best known of them, is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100 euros.

Register on PMU by clicking here.

5. ... or bet on the sport

You probably thought it was a magic thing, but no, there are people who make money by betting on the sport. As you will see below, there are also scams ... but if you follow my advice, there will be no problem.

And if you are resident in France, I even offer you this program that will allow you to earn a minimum of 350 euros through sports betting. Lots of people tested it and loved it. And no need to know each other. The program is accessible by following this link.

(For 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪, it's the 400 euros program and it's here).

And if you are wondering what is the best sportsbook site, I would say that they are all equivalent BUT the site of La Française des Jeux (Parions Sport) stands out because it offers a refund up to 100 € on your first bet if he is losing !!! You can also take a look at Netbet and its € 100 bonus, available here.

6. Use Cash Back Sites

The cash back is simply to get a refund of some of its purchases online. For that, you register on a site of cash back, for example eBuyClub (this link allows you to win 5 euros of welcome) and iGraal (this affiliated link allows you to obtain a welcome gift of 10 euros), and you install the shopping bar on your Internet browser. Then, when you make your purchase on Pixmania or Rue Du Commerce, you will automatically have a credit on your iGraal account. In general, the credit returned is between 3% and 40% of the amount of the purchase, but I have already seen cashbacks at 50%.

Click here to register now on IGraal and in addition, receive 10 euros on your account, as a welcome gift! And know that IGraal is available not only available in France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland and elsewhere.

In addition, to encourage you to buy, cashback sites often offer you coupon codes and discounts. For example, at the time of writing, there is a 10% discount code on all your Sony TV and home theater purchases. So you're a winner, right?

Here is a non-exhaustive list (there are more than 1400) of iGraal's partners, where you will be able to get a refund of some of your purchases.

enjoy many discount coupons:

Hi-Fi and Appliances:
Fnac (up to 4% cashback)
Darty (up to 3% cashback)
CDiscount (up to 4% cashback)
Baker (up to 2.50% cashback)
AliExpress (up to 6.50% cashback),
Amazon (up to 6% cashback on certain categories of items),
EBay (up to 1.50% cashback),
Travel, trains and leisure:
Expedia (up to 6% cashback), (up to 5% cashback), (up to 4% cashback),
SNCF (up to 2.50%),
Groupon (up to 10% cashback and 10% discount on travel)
Bouygues Telecom (up to 10 € cashback),
Fashion and beauty:
Zalando (up to 4% cashback),
Galeries Lafayette (2% per purchase and -10 € on the first order)
La Redoute (up to 8% cashback and 30% promo code on Mode orders)
Sephora (2% per purchase and -25% on your order)
Yves Rocher (12% cashback per purchase and 8 € discount from 55 € purchases)
Asos (up to 6% cashback, free delivery and up to -60% on Adidas items)
Sarenza (up to 7% cashback and -25% discount)
To learn more, run to discover this article where you will find my opinion on iGraal and learn how to make money with cash back.

7. Sign up for paid offers

We can sometimes confuse them with paid email sites (mentioned above) but I decided to separate them.

Here it is a question of answering offers.

For example, you must subscribe to a newsletter, or participate in a contest, or subscribe to a paid service (usually free the first days). And you are paid back!

As for the ideas above, the sums are not stupendous but it's super simple.

I recommend several sites:

Ba-click, which I mentioned above and which is one of the best sites according to NetBusinessRating.
Moolineo, which I mentioned above, which can be likened to a site of paid offers. According to NetBusinessRating, this site has already yielded tens of thousands of euros to its users.
Loonea, which I also mentioned above.
8. Put yourself on Youtube
If you do not know who Norman and Cyprian are, you probably come from another planet. These two young men stood in front of their respective cameras and filmed themselves commenting on the idiocy of people or the news, in a tone obviously humorous even cynical. And as Youtube is nice, they have been offered a partnership that allows them to win about 1 euro for 1000 views.

It is said that Norman has generated more than 500,000 euros just thanks to his Youtube videos.

How to make money on youtube
Norman even made a video parodying these so-called miracle solutions to earn 10,000 euros in a few hours.

Incredible, no?

So if laughter is not your forte, do not worry. There are hundreds or thousands of topics that can be treated in video and report traffic: seduction, cooking, marketing advice, hidden cameras like those of Rémi Gaillard, ...

I tell you everything in this special Youtube article.

9. Create an online store and sell in dropshipping

The dropshipping is the fashion of the last years with regard to the businesses online.

Traditionally, to sell physical goods, it was necessary to have the stock at home or in a warehouse, but the dropshipping takes a completely different approach.

You have absolutely no stock and it is the supplier who takes care of the delivery. You only act as an intermediary, thanks to the online store that you have mounted. You do not have to manage the delivery, the customer returns, and especially you do not have to buy a lot of stock (without knowing if you will manage to sell it), since this one is on the side of the supplier who will send the produced on demand.

Well, I did not say it was going to be easy. Setting up a successful online store takes a lot of time and is very complicated. Many have tried and failed. Fortunately, many people tell their stories on the Internet. So you can be inspired by their mistakes to avoid falling into the same pitfalls.

For example, in this article of my blog, you will have some tips on dropshipping.

Ends of difficult months? Need to earn extra money? On my Facebook page I share lots of tips to help you better manage your finances and earn a little extra.

10. Make your friends enjoy your good deals with the principle of sponsorship

The recommendation, it works every time.

Have you changed online banking or operators? You can talk about it on referral platforms like

The principle is simple: you post your good plan with your referral link, and your friends or strangers register through your link. You can

send a code or a sponsorship invitation. This allows you to hit a commission, sometimes small, sometimes large. For example with this system you can earn up to 100 euros per person that you recommend for an online account opening at Boursorama. Yes, 100 euros 😉

11. Sell your documents online

Everything is sold on the Internet. Even your old history classes, dissertations or cover letters. Or your resume (it can be a good model for someone else). See letter templates to complain to your telephone company.

If there are platforms dedicated to this, it's because there are interested buyers. Here are two platforms in particular: Academon and Vincent gives you his user testimonial of this latest platform in this interview article.

The operation is simple: you download your document on one of the platforms, describe it in a few well chosen words and go! You will earn a few euros each time someone downloads or buys the document on the platform. It will not make you rich (far from it) but since you wanted ideas to make money, I could not not talk to you about it.

12. Complete micro-tasks

With the uberisation of the economy, more and more companies are using external service providers to perform micro-tasks that they are not able to automate. Image recognition or handwriting, computerization of forms, search for information on the Internet ...

For these companies it is the assurance of having a quality work quickly carried out since it is shared between hundreds or thousands of people in 4 corners of the globe. And for you, a way to make some extra money from home (even if we're honest, it's really not much).

The tasks are quite diverse, but it is often a matter of inserting data (from a handwritten sheet for example), web search, or categorization of data. These are clearly not very intellectually rewarding tasks, you are warned.

In France, there are two sites for this: Crowd Factory (but does not accept new registrations, victim of its success) and Clickworker. Crowd Factory announces possible earnings of € 15 per hour, but I have a hard time believing 😉 As for Clickworker, they offer an IPhone app, convenient to do some chores when you wait in line at the bakery.

13. Train people online

If tutoring is one of the most traditional ways to get a little extra (see below), in recent years online training platforms have become known and have allowed people like you and me to share their knowledge and make a lot of money.

Unlike private classes (which are, as their name suggests, classes taught to one person at a time, or at least 2 or 3 courses), online courses provide access to a large number of people. same time, at any time of day and night, and anywhere.

Once the training is published, the earnings are "automatic". Of course, it requires some videos (in front of the camera or not, you see) and it takes (a lot) of time. But the game is worth it if you think you really have something interesting to share.

Here are some examples of online training:

on Udemy: "Dare to trust yourself" (Personal Development), "Create an ecommerce cardboard", "Marketing and social networks: the complete guide", "To put an end to insomnia"
on "Photographic Filters: how to choose them and use them in shooting", "The Art of Portrait Retouching - Workshop Black and White", "Complete Training WordPress", "Training Excel 2016".
You can therefore offer training on non-technical skills, help with health topics that you master or share your mastery of certain software. The possibilities are almost unlimited 😉

Before moving on, here's a video where I was interviewed and where I explain how to make money on the Internet

Then, some classic methods
Here, we will see together the so-called classical methods to earn money. Either you've already thought about it yourself, or you've heard about it on other web pages that also tell you how to make money. No surprises, safe and proven values.

14. Give private lessons

Are you good at knitting? Do you have some talent for languages? Or do you love salsa? Or is it you who everyone calls to format the hard drive?

So why not give lessons? It's a pretty good way

z simple to make money through a talent or a passion, and the demand is often quite important.

There are many sites that can register and offer your services, the best known of them is the Super Prof site, where more than 250 topics are offered.

You can expect between 10 and 30 euros per hour depending on the course and level.

No, but Nico, I have nothing to teach ... We all have something to teach, to share with others, it can be a knowledge or an aptitude. Really. And there is bound to be someone not far away who needs to learn that. You do not believe me? Check out this long article where I explain how to give private lessons, I promise you will want to register after that (in addition, I made a short video to show you what Superprof).

Oh, if you have already decided ... go here to register on Super Prof.

15. Keep the children of your neighbors (Baby-Sitting)

If you love children and have good contact with them, it can be a good way to make ends meet. Obviously, in general it is more for girls but I am convinced that a grown-up will be able to showcase his experience. One of the main benefits of babysitting is that once the children are sleeping, you can afford to do something else: watch TV, write an article for your blog, review for the next exam ...

There are dozens of websites to find parents looking for a babysitter. Here are some of them:,,

In general babysitters are paid between 7 and 10 euros net per hour.

how to babysit (and smile)
Good babysitting it can also go very well

16. Sell unused items / clothes

Open any cabinet, and I challenge you to find only the clothes you've put in these last 6 months. And this attic that takes dust? Since the time it takes to clean.

Reselling clothes, devices or items that are used more is a good way to add some coins in the piggy bank.

Anything can happen:

Clothes and accessories
Books and CDs
Small appliance appliance
Washing up
And the possibilities of sale are not lacking: flea market or garage sale in your village, solidarity market, EBay, Le Bon Coin, PriceMinister, etc. However, read this article to avoid being trapped by the Le Bon Coin scam (which can also be rife on other classifieds sites).

And if you really do not manage to sell - or prefer to give - it does not lack either: containers Relais, Emmaus, The Restos du Coeur ....

You will find more information on this article which explains why and how to sell clothes. And on this other article that tells you more generally how to sell on Le Bon Coin.

17. Sell tupperwares at home (or something else)

Home selling has been made popular by "Tupperware meetings" and one might think that this time is over.

And yet. There is a real business, very dynamic and growing. Even in 2019.

More and more people are getting involved and supplementing their income by selling at home: often, it is to promote household products, cosmetics, lingerie or even sex toys. The advantage is that it's a pretty flexible job, we can organize meetings ourselves at times that suit us, and at home.

The products will be provided by a company: either you will have to buy them (but I do not recommend it), or you receive a percentage on each sale (which I recommend, since it saves you from having to buy stock without knowing if you will sell it).

Beware however: in this business, there are many scams. Pyramid sales, starter kits that you have to pay a fortune, important incentive to recruit ... My advice? Only join companies that do not require you to buy products before trying to sell them. Otherwise, the risk of pyramid selling is far too high.

I discuss this in more detail in this article on home selling.

18. Test products at home

Contrary to popular belief, you can sometimes be paid to test products and receive samples at home. Even if most opportunities will allow you to receive free samples at home (which is really good, let's face it), if you register on the right sites (like Testing products), you can also earn more Amazon or Carrefour gift certificates after testing a product.

I tell you everything in this article of my blog.

19. Attend consumer meetings

For once, consumer meetings will always pay you. Actually we

arle of compensation rather than compensation: you are compensated for travel and assistance provided at the meeting.

Here it is a question of going on the spot to panels of consumers where you will have the opportunity to compare different products and to give your opinion on each one of them. You may also want to give your opinion on an advertising campaign and say which ad you prefer. The possibilities are quite varied.

For example, recently my girlfriend tried different flavors of chips and was paid 10 euros for that. Ok it was 9am but nothing like 10 euros for 1 hour test, we saw worse.

I recommend you to register on the site Meetings Consumers (where the remunerations range from 20 euros to 230 euros, according to the study !!!) and to discover this article who compared several sites of consumer meetings.

You can also visit the blog, which has a very active community and regularly updates the lists of available meetings.

20. Become a mystery shopper and test services

That's it, we were bound to get there. If you've ever looked for ways to make extra money, you've probably come across sites where you can become a mystery shopper. The principle is simple: instead of "testing" products, you test services or stores. The attention you have received, the arrangement of items in a shelving, the assistance provided, the solutions proposed to your problem and the relevance of the advice given. Everything counts.

The services or stores can be really varied: car dealership, bakery, supermarket ... It's up to you to play the mystery shopper and collect as much information as possible.

Here are some sites recently recommended by my readers: Qualisens, Qualimetrie, Bare International (in English) and BVA

21. Make a product known

Some companies may pay you to help distribute their products. This is the case of iMiniMi, for example, which offers you to introduce the iMiniMi app to your local businesses. This system is original because in exchange for this sponsorship, it is not once but every month that you will receive a payment equivalent to one third of the merchant's subscription, for each registered merchant, as long as he pays his subscription !

Use your talents (or your muscles)
Your talents can bring you money. Whether it's your beautiful voice or your beautiful prose, everything is money.

22. Write, translate, edit, sing, dance, draw ...

Several sites allow you to sell your services for 5 euros (or more). Think of the phrase "For 5 €, I will ..." and add what you could do for this amount.

Some ideas:

For 5 €, I will write a 500 word article on the theme of your choice.
For 5 €, I will edit a photo of your choice
For 5 €, I will promote your product in English and in video
For 5 €, I will write a song of 30 seconds and you will sing it
You see, we can do anything and everything ...

For this, I recommend a platform in French, which is by far the most serious. I also dedicated a complete article to this platform.

how to make money by offering microservices on 5euros
Some ideas of jobs that you can propose on the site 5euros

The basic service sells for 5 euros but it is easy to offer extras options and sell your services for 50 or 100 euros. As many individuals and businesses use this site, it may be an excellent choice to win a small ... or a big extra.

Moreover, I highly recommend the training "Earn 1000 euros thanks to micro-services, in 2 hours a day, from your home". I tested it (my test is in this article) and it can really allow you to change your finances ... Even if you think you have no competence to promote on this kind of site, the article shows you that n ' Any type of service of 5euros can allow you to make a nice supplement of income. For example, if you like to write, you could become a web editor or even write and publish a self-publishing book.

23. Create, knit, weave ....

If you like knitting, pottery or personalized t-shirts, why not take the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. On the Web, many sites help sell his creations to the world. Whether it's your paintings, scarves that you have knitted or jewelry that you have made yourself, there is no limit.

Yes, there are many people who would be willing to pay 40 euros for this knitted scarf entirely by hand.

Among the most well-known platforms: Etsy, the world leader (it's a platform based in the United States, which allows you to so sell your creations all over the world); A Little Market and PrimaCrea, two very good references in French.

You will find a detailed article here:

24. Sell your ... photos!

If you never go out with your knitting needles, but always with your camera, then this idea is probably perfect for you. Sites offer you to sell your photos online.

The main advantage is that once the photo is added to one of these sites, you are paid for each sale, without having to do anything. A good way to supplement your income, which I discuss in detail in this article.

25. Write (for a newspaper, a company, your blog ...)

If you like to take pen and write, you could make your passion a lucrative way to make ends meet. Indeed, many blogs or newspapers are looking for people able to write beautiful prose in excellent French.

Although you could contact some blogs directly and offer them your services, the easiest thing is still to go through platforms that bring together offers and requests.

Two concerns though: the competition is sometimes tough and you might find yourself competing with people ready to write a 500 word article for only 5 €. In addition, you will sometimes be forced to write about topics that do not fascinate you or that you do not know, which is not necessarily very pleasant.

26. Help others move

If you have good muscles, or if you have a van ... or if you need extra money ... you can offer your "mover" services to other individuals.

A move is often a good deal of stress ... and money, of course. My parents moved from the Paris region to the Toulouse area a few years ago, and it cost them 5000 euros. A little expensive, no? Of course it was professionals but it is to give you an idea of ​​the market to take.

Without going as far as making such big moves, you can propose for all that to do with odd jobs: lend a van, carry the boxes, pack the boxes ...

You can go to the MyDemenageur site where you will find a lot of opportunities all over France.

How to make money with a blog
This is not the simplest method, but more and more people around the world are living off their blogs. There are many candidates and few elected, but no need to receive 10,000 visits per day to round off your ends of the month.

Generally, blogs are written by enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience. In my case, I have already tested many methods, known or less known, to make money, and I love to discover new tricks - that's why I created this blog, to share this with you .

You can write a blog about anything and anything: photography, motherhood, gardening, trisomy, athletics, traveling, wine, ... If you have a passion, get started.

We also sometimes talk about niche sites: sites on a very specific theme, the purpose of which is on the one hand to inform the visitors on this theme, and on the other hand to generate a nice income (in particular via affiliation, as you will see below). For example, I found a site specialized on hoverboards. This is the perfect example of a niche site: a specific theme, buying guides, comparators and Amazon affiliation.

But Nico, how to create a blog? It's hard, right?

It's not easy, but fortunately there are thousands of free resources on the Internet to help you evaluate your idea, create your blog and publish your first article. Others, also free, will allow you to bring back more visitors and start pocketing some money.

For my part, I strongly advise you to use WordPress. It's a very intuitive solution and in less than 5 minutes you can have your own blog with a custom theme.

I wrote several detailed articles on this subject:

How to make a blog
how to choose the theme of your blog
why write well and often
how to make known his blog
how to make money with a blog
what is a niche site
how I generated 3800 euros with a niche site in the automobile
how Nathanael generates 1000 euros a month thanks to its niche sites
how Johann, one of my readers, became a personal finance blogger

Finally, I also present the book BlogBuster: How to Make Money with a Blog written by JB Viet, a French blogger who managed to earn more than 200,000 euros through his blog. My opinion is available here.

If you wish 
To learn more about this subject, I recommend you to subscribe to my newsletter dedicated to blogging:

And now let's see three concrete ideas for making money with a blog.

27. Put advertising banners on a blog

This is probably the most popular method for making money with a blog. This is to put advertising banners on your site (Google Adsense), and you earn money with each click.

The main advantage is that you do not need an act of purchase or other to receive money. No. A simple click of one of your readers on one of your banners will bring you a few cents or tens of cents.

The gains vary from one country to another and from one theme to another. I win for example between 5 and 7 euros for a thousand views of my blog (and a priori it's a nice figure).

28. Recommend a service or product via affiliate platforms

Even if Google Adsense is the most "visible" way to make money, know that it is not the one that pays the most. What bloggers use the most is affiliation.

For example, it is about boasting the merits of a product that you liked (for example via the Amazon Partner Program). In this case, you receive a percentage of the sale, between 3% and 10% on Amazon France.

And contrary to what you think, it's not just Amazon in life ...

Do you have a thematic site? The ManoMano Network program offers you to recommend products in the field of DIY and gardening. This will allow you to convert your readers into buyers (and therefore receive nice commissions). And there are dozens of affiliate programs in all possible themes.

But you can also redirect your visitors to an advertiser's site (this is what an affiliate management agency like Affilinet offers). In the latter case, you receive a fixed commission for each generated registration.

The gains are variable but can quickly rise. For my part, I recommend that you try out a lot of different options: promote a variety of products and see which one works best, but also go through different affiliate platforms and see which ones pay the best. The differences can be huge from one platform to another.

29. Talk about a brand in a paid / sponsored article

Several platforms put you in contact with advertisers who offer to promote their products or services through your blog. You remain free of the content of the article but obviously the idea is to give all the benefits of the product.

On SeedingUp, you are paid according to the popularity of your blog and your article.

Do you own?
If you own your own apartment or house, then read the following lines. Your property can bring you money easily.

I already told you about Airbnb. This is a great way to make money from your home. If you want to know how much it could bring you, this Airbnb simulator will do the trick.

But there are also other ways to earn money by being a homeowner.

I do not speak about the rental, it's obvious but it takes time and some confidence. There are however many other solutions

30. Turn your home into a mobile home

Sites suggest you do not lose the unused space at home (a room, a cellar, a garage ...) and rent in exchange for a rather nice pay. It's easy, it allows you to make your housing profitable and all you have to do is go through an Internet page (Ouistock, Jestocke, ...).

The registration is very fast: you give your details, you add some photos of your custody and put its availability and specify a price. The price will have to be chosen according to the size but also the zone and the competition around you.

More information here:

31. Rent your garden

Not only does the Internet allow you to rent your home, or turn it into a storage room, but you can also rent your garden.

It can be for camping, or for a vegetable garden. To you to see (and also to the one who pays).

This is practical: you can make this small piece of land profitable (and you will not remove weeds for nothing!) And if you are often absent (or you do not have a green thumb), someone others can even build a vegetable garden and produce pretty fruits and vegetables.

I recommend these two sites: lend your garden (for vegetable gardens) and Gamping (for camping).

32. Rent an advertising space at home

Advertising is everywhere and for everyone. You can make your vehicle the relay of a brand, but did you know you also that you can cash your own garden or wall to add advertising banners?

All these posters and posts seen on the road, at your neighbors', have probably been rented by people like you via an advertising agency, for example CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel or JC Decaux.

According to, this can bring in between € 100 and € 6,000 a year. Interesting, no?

33. Host other students (practical when you are a tenant and / or student)

Are you a student and you do not know how to make money? Rest assured, it is possible to make a little extra while being a student. There are many ways and you will find dozens in this article.

For example by hosting other students who need a place to sleep one or more nights - which happens especially during exams!

I'm thinking in particular of the Yestudent website, which is already working around the world, which I'm talking about more specifically in this article.

And also: find in this article 31 ideas to earn a salary supplement with what you own (so, not only your house, but also your car, your clothes ...)

Your smartphone is reporting you
It's not just Candy Crush in life. Your mobile is capable of much more, and your package also. Let's explore several methods that will leverage your smartphone and / or your package. And since you're interested, go see also this article where I present 6 applications that bring you money fast.

34. Test mobile apps

If you are curious about nature and love to download new applications for your smartphone, here is a site that will delight you. AppliPrivée offers you to test applications on your smartphone or tablet and give your opinion. In exchange, you are (modestly) remunerated and you discover apps that you probably would never have tried for yourself.

Count between 25 cents and 1 euro per application tested.

35. Play sports!

Yes yes, you read correctly. You can get paid while playing sports. This is a new concept that Gympact offers: you set a series of goals, and you collect money each time you complete one of the objectives, thanks to the geolocation (you make a check in at a gym or record a run on RunKeeper).

Where does the money come from? It's simple, it comes from people who have not completed their goals.

You will earn between 0.25 and 4 euros per week, depending on the number of activities completed.

You will find more info on a dedicated article that introduces this method:

36. Cook is to win

Did you know? You can cook directly for other people, and get paid for it .. It's called collaborative cooking, or between individuals, and it's booming.

Recipay offers to pay you when you cook, but in another form. The only condition: you must cook with products and ingredients of a particular brand (Elle & Vire, Saint-Moret ...). You choose a recipe, cook it, take a picture of the different steps with your smartphone, and if you are selected by the team of Recipay, you win between 10 to 15 euros per recipe. The details here.

how to make money cooking
Recipay pays you for your recipes!

37. Shop and complete missions

You can make money doing your shopping! Simply sign up for one of these applications that offer you to complete missions in stores near you. For example LocalEyes (which I talk about here), Clic and Walk or Mobeye.

The principle is always the same: you go to the store, take some pictures, answer a questionnaire and leave with 5 or 6 euros depending on the mission. The advantage is that this kind of activity works wherever you are: Paris or Province, large city or rural area.

38. Recycle your smartphone

Very often, operators offer to "buy back" your phone when you buy another one. The problem is that these redemptions are often at very low prices.

Another solution is the recycling of smartphones and tablets. Magicrecycle and Love 2 Recycle offer to redeem your phone at cost price. Even if the screen is broken. Nice, no?

For example at the time of writing, a Sony Zperia Z is redeemed 150 euros, a Iphone 5 16Gb to 245 euros and a Iphone 4S 16Gb with broken screen to 97 euros.

You will find more information on this article.

Your car is paying you !!
Between devaluation, repairs and the price of gas, a car can sometimes be a financial sink. Fortunately, it is possible to partially or completely offset these losses through
x following methods that take advantage of your vehicle.

39. Propose ridesharing ...

Widely popularized by the Internet, carpooling is a practice that tens of thousands of French people share each week. Some not to be alone in their vehicle, others to meet new people, and others to get some pocket money.

The idea is simple. Rather than traveling alone on a regular trip, why not share it with others? That in exchange for a small fee that will pay you back the gas and toll, and why not pay your Mojito Friday night.

A journey Paris Lyon costs for example 30 euros one way on BlaBlaCar. It's longer than the train, but it's obviously much cheaper - especially if you have not planned ahead to travel.

And then, who knows ? You may find your future bassist or soul mate!

To learn more, read my detailed article on car sharing by clicking here.

40. ... or cotransportation

The cottransportage is like carpooling but instead of taking the world from point A to point B, you take packages. It is therefore a collaborative delivery service.

And it's really well thought out: for you, a good way to make the space in your trunk profitable. For those who use your services, a good way to send packages cheaply (it is sure that the rates of La Poste or Fedex are not too dreamy, you will agree).

For example, on a Paris Lyon, you can be compensated 10 euros to bring a suit.

The Cocolis website is very successful, go for a ride. As with Blablacar, you can easily add regular routes so people can contact you if they need you to ship them a package.

41. Share your vehicle with other people

Again, it's about sharing, but this time, rather than sharing a seat in your car, it's the whole car you make available.

YesCar or Drivy offer you to rent your car to other individuals, for a fee. If you use your vehicle infrequently, it is a very good way to earn a few tens or even hundreds of euros, rather than letting your car sleep in a garage. Everything is planned so that the exchange takes place in the best possible conditions and the insurance contracts are obviously included in the payments.

This practice is becoming more and allows people who require a vehicle to have much more interesting prices than going to a car rental company like Europcar or Hertz.

For example, you can rent your Twingo at € 3 per hour or € 26 per day. One of my readers earned several thousand euros in 2016 thanks to carsharing. Find her story in this article.

I myself have tried Ouicar (as a tenant) and I must say that I was blown away by the mobile application they offer to the owners, and that allows them to control the best rentals: well, at the beginning of each rental, the application allows you to note the mileage of the car, the fuel level and to take pictures of the car under a dozen angles. Convenient to do the inventory of incoming and outgoing.

Tripndrive focuses on passenger car sharing. Are you going to travel? Leave your car in a parking lot, and Tripndrive will pay for the parking and rent your car to other individuals. More details here.

42. Rent your parking space

Do you have a parking space or a garage that you do not use during the day or during the holidays?

Rent it! A simple way to earn some money and help others, especially in big cities often lacking parking spaces.

The websites to help you are not lacking, here are a few: Take My Place, Sir Parking and I Share My Garage.

You can ask between 50 and 100 euros per month to rent your place. Obviously in Paris the price will be more expensive than Charleville-Mezieres.

43. Put advertising on the car

And yes, advertising is not just on the Internet and in your mailboxes. You too can be advertising your way, by offering your car as marketing support. An advertisement may be affixed to the rear window, the driver's door, the hood ...

A bit like this car:

car advertising the example of Coca Cola.
Advertising on your car: a good idea for a little extra each month.

There are several companies offering this type of service.

Count between 50 and 250 euros of earnings per month, which will depend on the size and duration of the ads.

Find more information about this in this article.

How to make money by doing service.
And yes, he is equal
It is possible to service around you and get paid for it. You will not have the bank account of a Ligue 1 footballer but your piggy bank will be a little heavier. Here are some methods that work.

44. Do a lot of services in your neighborhood

For both youth and adults, this is one of the best ways to increase your pocket money. Whether it's mowing the lawn, helping with ironing, repairing your neighbor's computer or doing your shopping, there are plenty of opportunities to receive some money and help your neighbor.

Leave your home and knock on your neighbors' doors with your help: I'm sure that in less than 10 minutes you'll already have a busy schedule. A way to easily earn money ... and to win the love of neighbors!

45. Keep animals (Pet-sitting)

We talked about babysitting earlier, but did you know that more and more people are now calling for nannies ... for their dogs or cats? It may surprise you but in any case, there is demand.

I can already imagine you're walking around 8 rabid dogs that all pull on the leash in a different direction, but that's not the case. It may actually be a walk of a pet, but the care of animals (at home or on site) is also quite common.

Here are three sites that offer you to put you in contact with families looking for a petsitter: Animaute, Gardicanin and Holidog (the latter more specifically dedicated to the care of animals while you go on vacation).

Do not hesitate to put an ad in your street, and to talk about it around you, it is surely the safest way to find a dog or a cat to keep. You can expect about twenty euros per animal per day.

I give you more detail on animal care here.

46. ​​Lend an item you no longer use.

We talked about car rental or garage parking between individuals. But there are many more things that can be rented between individuals.

A raclette appliance that you almost never use? Rent it for 7 euros a day.

Baby has grown up and you do not know what to do with the stroller? Rent it for 10 euros a day.

The drill takes dust in the garage? Rent it for 8 euros a day.

Everything, everything, everything can be rented. The sums are not astronomical but will grow quickly.

Here are some intermediaries you will like: Zilok, e-rent and AlloVoisins (formerly ILokYou).

47. Lend ... money!

Thanks to the democratization of the Internet, many people have freed themselves from traditional intermediaries, be it car rental, website design or the sale of objects.

Some even tried to get out of the banks ... and succeeded. It is now possible to lend money between individuals.

The approach is simple. A person puts a project online on Younited (formerly called Union Loan), says how much it requires and investors (it's you) lend it money at a very attractive rate for you (the rate is much better than a Livret A) and for him (the rate is much lower than loans usually granted by banks).

No limit at the level of the projects: it can be to create his company, to renovate his veranda, to buy a new car. Union Loan will verify the solvency of the project applicant and propose an interest rate accordingly.

On your side, you can lend 2000 euros to a project or 100 euros to 20 projects, it is you who choose.

In terms of earnings, Union Loan announces up to 5.3% interest per year.

You had to think about it, right? If you want more information, see this article that explains in detail how loans between individuals work.

Note: Banks can also earn a little money. Impossible? Read this article about online banking 🙂

Investment ideas
I told you earlier about blogging, and this is my first investment idea - even if the cost of a blog is really negligible, it must be a good investment in time to have a chance to succeed. That's what I chose to do and I make a living from my blog.

But in this section I will introduce other types of investments. Investments that require a little or a lot of money.

Let's go.

48. Invest in real estate

For more and more people, real estate has become a major source of income ... even the only one. Some people give up everything to devote themselves entirely to their housing stock. They are not real estate agents, they are just smart people who know how to find good deals, buy them at a discounted price and who gets the first month a rent that covers the loan, the notary fees and possible repairs.

There are so many different ways to invest in real estate: some choose the apartment buildings, others do seasonal rentals, still others focus on small real estate ... All the ways are worth it.

What is certain is that if you do well, it can really pay a lot. But you must get rid of some received ideas:

No, it is not at the time of resale that you will earn money. Yes, you will win but the idea of ​​many investors is to earn money from the signing of the contract, buying a property for a price lower than its real value.
No, you do not have to be rich like Croesus to buy. Some goods are trading at tens of thousands of euros or less. And if you have an impeccable record, your bank will finance you all the loan, and you will not need to bring money.
For all this, we must find the rare pearl. The property you can rent much more expensive than the monthly loan. The one that will allow you to avoid as much as possible the rental holidays. Not necessarily that it is in the center of Paris or has a sumptuous terrace. The important criterion is profitability.

For my part I learned a lot by following the training of Paul Serial Investor blog - which as the name suggests is investing a lot in real estate (he has a dozen goods). Very didactic and concrete. If you are interested in this subject, check out this article where I give you my opinion on his training.

49. Invest in the stock market

I have always been quite divided about the stock market. I have some money in some investment funds, and a few years ago I even had a PEA with some shares. But the various financial crises, the risks of a new stock market bubble and especially the kind of mysticism that surrounds the stock markets and trading have cooled me down quite a bit.

However, I know that many live on the stock market, because they have been able to bet on good horses. This is notably the case of Pierre, who is gradually enriching himself by choosing the stocks with the best dividends (these actions report even when they fall). In this article of my blog, Pierre explains to you why it is essential to invest in stock market. You will discover that the pace at which we go, and with the inflation that we know each year, do not invest in the stock market is actually a big mistake. An article that makes you think!

If you are interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I recommend you to register at Coinbase and Binance, two platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. And read this article also written by Pierre who explains everything.

You might also be interested in automatic trading. Far from being a scam, if you choose a good robot trader, you could even double your capital each year. For example, see LYSE Trading's robot traders. One of the proposed robots made + 124% gains in 2018.

50. Invest in an SME (crowdlending)

The peer-to-peer lending platforms I mentioned above also lend to SMEs. As for the loan between individuals, you choose who and what project you lend. It's really nice if you want to help small businesses get started, especially those that match your deepest values, for example in the environment or social action.

invest in SMEs thanks to Lendix
Some examples of projects you can invest in Lendix. In% the interest rate you would get

A good way to help responsible companies while earning some money. You can take a tour on Lendix for example, or see this guide on lending to SMEs.

51. Start a new business or startup

I put this idea in the category "investment" because to launch a new business or startup, you will need to invest a lot. Money, but also (and especially) time. A lot of time.

You think it's probably inaccessible, that you will not be the next Mark Zuckerberg. I assure you, he himself did not know when he started, but he still started. In small steps. With goals attainable at every step.

The key is to think big, but to take small steps. And test your idea before you throw yourself headlong. This is the principle of the MVP, or the prototype. For example:

do you want to start a pizzeria? First, cook lots of pizzas at home, have them taste your friends and acquaintances, and sincerely confirm that they would be willing to pay for it. It also works for any type of foodtruck (a fairly fashionable idea in recent years)
you want to start an agency of Community Management (management of social networks)? Start by seeing the small businesses around you, offer them your free help and see if the results are the ones expected.
do you think you have a good nutrition coach? Test first around you, for a few euros each week, your advice and if people are really satisfied. See what works, what does not work, and refine as you go.
If you want to know more, a very good entrepreneur friend has launched a training on startups, entitled: "Startup Tour: Create your startup in 3 hours". There she is.

Original methods to make money in 2019
We started this guide with the most classic methods to make money ... and we will finish it with the most original methods.

52. Have you tattoo a brand

Yes, you read correctly. Some people did not hesitate to have a brand logo tattooed on their body. Yes yes, even on the penis, which allowed a German to win a car. They have obviously received a lot of money, but with a major counterpart: to wear the name of a brand all your life, which can be a problem when the brand in question goes bankrupt (it happened more often than you thought ).

Unfortunately (or luckily?), I did not find any web agency that linked brands and future tattoos.

53. Become an artistic nude model

If nature has favored you and you have a nice body, why not pose nude or semi-nude for artists?

Remunerations are rather attractive and competition is limited: workshops are always looking for new models for their courses. Manon blog La Vie Rennaise confided to us that she touched around 14 euros net per hour (no longer available link, sorry)

I tell you more in this article.

54. Play contests

I put this idea in the "original" section because I think you did not expect me to talk about it, much less as a way to make money. And yet, some people earn a lot of money and gifts (they sell) through quizzes.

The trick is to participate in many contests - so you need some free time - but the effort can really be worth it. I do not advise you if your time is already busy, but if you have a lot of time during the day (maternity leave ...) it may be an option to explore.

There are many ways to participate: it can be competitions on Facebook, games on the radio or TV shows.

I will soon write an article about this, so subscribe to the newsletter to be alerted as soon as the article is published on this topic.

55. Sell your hair

You do not want to pose nude, it's your choice. But your body can still serve. For example by selling your hair.

Yes, you read correctly!!

But Nico, who will want my hair?

You would be surprised, there is a fairly large market for buying hair. Because these natural hair can make wigs, or learn the hairstyle. Many different profiles may be interested.

And it pays a lot. For example, according to the calculator site I sell my hair, a brown hair of about 25 cm can be sold at around 65 euros. It does not change your life, but if you had planned to cut your hair, it's always good to take!

Of course, buyers are especially interested in hair of a certain length (minimum 20 or 30 cm), clean, which have never been dyed ... Quite normal at the bottom.

So, are you going to get started?

56. Participate in shootings

Production companies are always looking for extras for their films. Do not expect to reply to Brad Pitt or serve a coffee to Audrey Tautou, but it will allow you to get back into the world of cinema and say "Look, there I'm walking in the background" .

According to JcomJeune, you can count about 96 euros gross per day for basic figuration (background) and a little more if you are in the foreground or if you have a few words to pronounce.

You will find more information on the detailed explanation of this method here.

57. Be a tour guide in your city or region

Do you know your city or region well? Do you regularly eat in one of the best restaurants in the area and want to make it discover to tourists who seeks to think outside the box?

So you could become a tour guide. It's not just a summer job, since it's up to you to manage your schedules and availability.

More and more tired of mass tourism, many are looking for a different tourism, made of different and original experiences.

No more museum visits to vomit, you can offer a different vision: for example "The canals of Paris at night" or "The surroundings of Aix en Provence dear Paul Cézanne" or "Stroll in the mountains in 2CV ". People are fond of these, so to speak, unique experiences. Make them dream.

The only thing you need is to speak a minimum English, most tourists will probably be foreigners.

You can offer your services on the following sites:

Trip4real, recently acquired by Airbnb. The proposed experiences cost between 30 and 100 euros (you choose the price)
Good Spot, where experiences are offered at substantially the same price.

58. Reimburse your package

Sites allow you to earn money that you have not used on your package (and you lose at the end of the month). All packages do not allow this, but if you go for a ride on these sites, you will quickly see if these options apply to you or not.

The principle is simple: you will be asked to call surcharged numbers (but authorized by your package) and in exchange, your account on the site will be credited with a few tens of cents, which you can then exchange for checks- gifts or money stumbling. A good way to make extra money, especially if you are young.

I recommend the site Youpass.

Other ideas that will surely interest you
Here are other ideas developed on this blog that may interest you if you need money:

some ideas for finding a job at home or another job well paid
the 9 types of scams to avoid (and in particular the site Profits25)
how to ask for a salary increase intelligently? (and get it!)
a complete file to succeed in his professional reconversion (even if it goes beyond making more money)
how to count and budget? (yes, it's REALLY important)
how to save money without really realizing it? (this is the beginning of wealth)
how to put money? (this is the path to early retirement)
a good plan to win 350 euros
Save money
how to make money for your piggy bank
ABC Money will help you save money and make a lot of money, slowly but surely, and without scams.

Knowing how to make money is good. Knowing how to save it is good too.

So I've put together a list of 67 tips for saving you money. Yes, yes, 67 tips. For example:

the use of car sharing to save on your car costs
participating in group purchases to spend less
renting your empty rooms as storage space
the use of barter or exchange of services
It's this way.

Apps to help you save
Based on my research, I discovered some nice apps that will help you save money. Here are two:

Detaxor. If you do not like calling premium-rate numbers (or you're afraid to call), Detaxor is for you. If you call a premium-rate number, this app automatically changes your call to a non-premium number, which can save you a few euros each month. The app is on Android and is available on this link.
Shopmium. This app brings up to date products 100% refunded. Except that instead of cutting the barcode and sending it by post, you just have to scan the barcode with your smartphone and you're done. I discuss this in more detail in this article.
Save on your purchases
I mention it in my list of 67 tips to save money, but it's good to remember it here. Even when you shop, you can save money. Here are two good tips:

the cashback with Igraal. I mention it earlier in this article. Cashback sites offer to reimburse you a portion of your online purchases and very often also offer discount codes. A double economy! To know more about Igraal, it's here. In addition you will have a welcome gift of 10 euros.
Price-Sniper, a browser extension that compares the prices of thousands of online merchants and offers you the best price for the product you are looking for. And a small bonus, it even offers you used products.
And I think this list of tips for shopping smart can only interest you.

Read books about money
If you want to earn a little more than a hundred euro extras a month, then you have to put yourself in the right frame of mind. For my part, I read a lot of books about money and it completely changed my way of seeing things.

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