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How to create an ebook and start selling via the internet?

The online courses offer, for those who wish to work on the internet, an excellent opportunity to generate income from his knowledge and abilities. Through these ebooks, it is possible to create a business and even work on its own, as many people want!

Do you know ebooks?

The e-book is a book in digital format, which can be read on any electronic equipment, such as a computer, a smartphone, an e-reader (digital book reader) or tablet. They can also be printed and read like a traditional book.

They have great potential for generating new business, and they are very simple to produce. Read this article to learn how!

Adopt the ebook on your content strategy

  • Set the theme of your e-book
  • Know your target audience
  • Optimize your content production
  • Organize and structure the elements of your digital book
  • Illustrate your ebook
  • Choose the format of your ebook
  • Pay attention to the layout
  • Review the content
  • Save your artwork
  • Choose the distribution platform
  • Set the price of your product
  • Promote your ebook
  • Follow the results
  • Return to the index

1. Adopt the ebook on your content strategy

The ebooks are more comprehensive than a blog post and so they are very useful for educating your audience about you and for showing what kind of problem you can solve with your product.

When you deliver valuable content to your reader, you reinforce your authority on the subject.

2. Set the theme of the ebook

The choice of theme is one of the most important steps in the process of creating your digital book. It is important that your ebook is about something you master and that you can teach easily, so you pass on more credibility to the reader.

The chosen market niche must also have enough demands to guarantee a good sales volume and to make your investment. Use tools like Google Trends and SemRush to find out which topics are most wanted on the segment you want to take action on. This can be a tip for the most common problems of customers.

Remember to access the sites that are on the top spots on the search to see how they are dealing with the topic, and think of ways to differentiate your content and deliver even more complete material for your audience.

Another strategy is to use the data from your blog (if you have one) to find out what topics your audience is looking for to get to your page and what are the most accessed items.

3. Know your persona

Even before writing your digital book, you need to know the player's profile to create content that is aligned with your needs.

This type of information is important also when choosing the best channels to promote your ebook.

4. Optimize the production of your content

If you already have published content on the same subject of your ebook, you can use it for the creation of your digital book.

A college job, a blog post, a video or a podcast can become more comprehensive materials on the subject, and the opposite can happen too: an ebook turn into smaller containers for your blog or YouTube channel.

When we talk about a digital product, it's always good to think about strategies on multiple channels. You will be able to expect more people with your content and optimize your production time.

5. Organize and structure the elements of your digital book

After deciding the theme, the persona and your goal, it's time to decide what elements you will discuss on your ebook. Make a rough draft on each and organize the chapters consistently, to keep the reader interested.

It is important to justify your ideas, so do good online research on what has already been written and what is most recent in the discussion of the topic you want to talk about. Remember that your text must be easy to understand and at the same time it must provide all the information your reader needs to solve their problem.

Keyword research tools, like Google Keyword Planner, can help you a lot with the selection of topics. These tools help you understand the interests of your target audience. As a result, you will be able to organize your content more efficiently.

6. Illustrate your ebook

The use of images helps reading and leaves the content more attractive, especially when the subject is very technical.

You have two options to use photos on your digital book without a high cost.

The first option is to use images from your personal folder or to produce your own images, which will not cause you any problem with copyrights. In this case, the only requirement is that the photos are in high resolution and that they are related to the content.

The second hypothesis is to use the pictures from the image banks. On the internet, there are several available, and even those that are free. Here are our recommendations:


Search site that brings together thousands of royalty-free photos at affordable prices.

Public Domain Photos

More than 5,000 photos and 8,000 free use illustrations.

Free Digital Photos

Also offers a paid plan for those who need high-resolution images.

Every Stock Photo

The site brings together more than five million photos obtained on several image banks.

The advantage of image banks is that you save a step in the process of creating the ebook and you are sure you will have high-quality images.

7. Choose the format of your ebook (PDF or Epub)

Choose the format of your e-book (PDF or Epub): the main difference between the two formats concerns the adaptation of texts to the screen of the reader.

An e-book on the Epub format is reformable, that is, it offers the ability to adapt the text and size of the source automatically to the available display area. Nevertheless, the files available in PDF still maintain the same format of the printed version, whatever the display area.

Features of Epub files:

Allow the resizing of texts and the modification of the source;
Allow search by word and insertion of parts in evidence;
It is possible to change the page by the touch;
Ideal for simpler ebooks without a lot of images.
Features of PDF files:

They reproduce exactly the printed page template;
Expand or collapse the page to better display the content
The navigation bar can be used to browse pages;
Ideal for more complex ebooks, where the number of images is significant and the format is more complex.
Again, the profile of your audience will choose: your consumer is used to using mobile reading devices like tablets or they use the desktop instead?

8. Pay attention to the layout

In addition to being well written, your book must have a good layout. This will give a more professional look to the work.

One of the factors that influence the user's experience more than anything else is the ability of the reader to take a look at your content and already know what it is about.

Pay attention to the very long parts and check the possibility of separating them, without disturbing the coherence of the text.

Another important tip is to choose images that are related to the topic you are addressing. This visual consistency helps increase consumer loyalty with your product.

And, finally, the visual identity of your ebook must be aligned with your other communication channels, such as websites and social networks.

The intention is to make money with free, so if in case you are not familiar with the formatting and implementation tool, analyze the possibility of hiring a professional to perform the task.

Compared to spending with the layout of a common book, the costs with an e-book will be much smaller. You will find good professional freelancers in websites such as or

9. Review the content

When we are focused on content, some details may go unnoticed. For this, we recommend having an external perspective. This ensures that you are launching the best possible version of your material.

The revision of your ebook must have two steps: content revision and grammar.

From a content point of view, your text must be clear and objective. Ask the opinions of people in your market and outside, and ask them the main questions regarding this content.

For grammar review, consider engaging a publisher, as this professional is more experienced at identifying writing, accent and chord errors, almost invisible to those who have no experience about.

It is always good to remember that the internet allows some informality, but that does not mean that you have to deliver complex texts or with errors.

10. Save your artwork

It was intended to be an ebook e comercializá-lo, a major registrar o Trabalho na Biblioteca Nacional. Assim você terá o ISBN, Sistema de identificação that includes dados de autoria, e ficará but Seguro com relação aos direitos automats.

As informações para o registro podem ser obdas no site oficial da Biblioteca Nacional, no link

11. Defina o preço do see products

Compliant with your text, o ebook own images, which will not cause you any problem with copyrights. In this case, the only requirement is that the photos are in high resolution and that they are related to the content.

The second hypothesis is to use the pictures from the image banks. On the internet, there are several available, and even those that are free. Here are our recommendations:


Search site that brings together thousands of royalty-free photos at affordable prices.

Public Domain Photos

More than 5,000 photos and 8,000 free use illustrations.

Free Digital Photos

Also offers a paid plan for those who need high-resolution images.

Every Stock Photo

The site brings together more than five million photos obtained on several image banks.

The advantage of image banks is that you save a step in the process of creating the ebook and you are sure you will have high-quality images.

No matter what the main product is, the first step will be to make sure that you are able to understand it. It is only a matter of value, which is tantamount to a modest sum of money, which is equal to the value of the price of goods sold in the market.

12. Choose the distribution platform

After your book is ready, it's time to define:

- How to deliver my e-book after the sale?

- How to receive payments over the internet?

How can I guarantee that my content will not be replicated by third parties?

To answer these questions, choose an online course distribution platform.

The platform to choose must have all the tools and infrastructure for every detail of the sales process, so you can only worry about creating a quality product.

If you have any questions, contact other info producers and ask them what service they use/recommend.

Take advantage to understand how Hotmart works.

13. Promote your ebook

Create strategies to publicize your work. Remember to focus on channels that your audience is more present.

Tips to promote the e-book:Social Networks

Promote your work on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and any other social issue that your target audience uses. Do not forget to leave the CTA clear for your subscribers to download your ebook.


Contact sites that make content related to the theme of your ebook available and offer articles for publication, also known as guest posts. This strategy is also good for fortifying your field, great for future launches.


Create a blog on the theme of your ebook, to create a network of contacts with people interested in the theme, and use the tool to market your book.

Affiliate Program

Through a program of Afiliés, you can offer a commission to all those who sell your ebook, you can still define what is the value of this commission.

Email marketing

Build an email list of people interested in your content. From this, you will be able to communicate with your audience directly and promote your ebook.

Landing Pages

The landing page is ideal for highlighting your content and making life easier for users who want to download your material. Today there are several free tools for creating landing pages for people who do not have design or programming skills.

Sponsored links

If you do not have a lot of traffic on your blog, use sponsored links to give visibility to your ebook. This technique involves paying the search engine network, such as Google, to display ads that direct the user to your landing page. Take the opportunity to read our publication on paid advertising.
14. Follow the results
You wrote the ebook, paid attention to every detail and put it online. You have the right to celebrate this result, but after that, get ready for the follow-up step.

This work is fundamental to understanding the weak points of your promotion and optimizing them to obtain better conversion rates.

5 advantages of creating an ebook and selling it on the internet
If you have arrived here, you may have noticed some advantages of doing an ebook and marketing it on the internet!

As we work daily with digital products, we will talk about all these benefits so that you can know more about the market of info products:


Price: With a low production and disclosure cost, a high-quality e-book may be for sale at a lower price than the traditional book, which allows the seller to reduce the price to sell more, or simply keep the price and increase your profit margin per sale.


To use a digital format, it can be distributed quickly and efficiently over the internet for any part of the world. The consumer should not go to a store or wait for your book to come to your home after an online purchase. The provision is immediate after the prepayment oba and the client can already start studying as soon as possible!


There is also the possibility of making sales for people around the world, regardless of the day and time. With a system that receives the payment and makes the product available automatically, as is the case with Hotmart, you automate the entire process, and you boost your sales even more.

Ability to work with what you like
If you have something that you really like to do, why not take the opportunity to make money with your talents?

You can teach your ability to thousands of people and, therefore, earn with it. Some digital producers end up working entirely with their new business and there is also the possibility of obtaining extra income to supplement the salary.

At work!

With all our advice, it has become easy to organize ideas and create your first ebook, which will also be your digital product for sale online!

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