Monday, April 8, 2019

Professional SEO for Free

Give your site a free listing on Google

We will, through this article, present our concept of SEO free Google which is totally different from the offers of registration in many directories offered elsewhere and likely to have a negative effect on the SEO of your site.

Why reference a site?

The main objective of any website is to be visible and thus ensure a constant and consistent flow of visitors. To be more precise, a site that is not visited can even be considered as non-existent.

The job of SEO is to enable a website to appear in the first results of search engines, synonymous with visibility by a large number of Internet users. Indeed, the usual approach of a user is to use search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google to find an answer on the internet. However, Google must receive special attention due to its leadership status. Many have understood, it is mandatory to properly index his site on this search engine using a good Google SEO.

SEO, not within the reach of all scholarships

The main problem lies in the fact that it is very difficult or impossible to reference a site yourself without having a great experience and expertise without fail in the field of SEO so particular.

The second problem is that hiring professionals has a cost. This cost varies according to several criteria: the current state of the website in terms of optimization, the sector which can be more or less competitive, the keywords on which it is necessary to boost the referencing, the links incoming and outgoing and well of 'other. However, many websites do not have a budget for SEO or a budget too small to achieve effective Google SEO.

The novelty: free referencing

So what should you do? Abandon the idea of ​​existing on the web? Limit to referencing through directories or other press releases that are less and less appreciated by Google? Every day, many sites are abandoned by their owner but yet a new solution exists.

Through this site, we propose to reference a website completely free without any hidden defects. A free Google SEO made by professionals to discover the different services that exist in SEO. The advantage? It is very simple, a site that gains visibility will inevitably have more traffic and thus more turnover. An increase in profits may then lead to the call for other SEO offers to further improve the position of the site in the results displayed by Google.

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