Earn up to $210 in Bitcoin for every YouTube video watched

It is not often we come across great online opportunities to earn from home doing what we already do every day. In this case, it is watching 20-second snips of YouTube videos provided daily every day. 

What is also a tremendous benefit to working with this platform to earn from home, is you get to advertise your own YouTube channel if that is something that you need for your affiliate or networking business. It is really a win-win opportunity. 

You don't even have to pay anything to join. One can join for free to get started to allow one time to get familiar with the platform. Very easy to navigate the platform too, so nothing to worry about at all quite honestly.

If you're a network marketer and have a following, this would be a great advantage to you in receiving huge referral bonuses as well.

This is a legitimate opportunity. Please read through everything on the site once you’ve signed up to have a clear understanding of the house as to how it all works.

Absolutely massive potential here if you just stick it out for a very short time.

Accumulate Bonus Video Points to receive up to $210 in BTC for each paid video ads. The additional Bonus Video Points (BVPs) you've got, the higher value video ads you'll get!

Paid Video ads need and consume Bonus Video Points (BVPs) as they are issued to you. You'll receive paid video ads daily until all your BVPs are consumed.

View Bonus Videos, or Buy Adpack to increase your BVP. The additional you accumulate, the upper price ads you may attract.

Turn your every $1.00 into $1.35 ASAP ($1.50 for Premium members).

- From 1600BVP´s you get paid video ads or you buy for $ 5 BVP's and you get paid videos directly after 12 hours.

-When you invite friends, the video ad increases.
-You can, if you have your own Youtube Channel, upload your videos and get views.
-From $ 5 you can withdraw your earned money (Payeer / Bitcoin)

If this sounds like something you'd be game for, please note that it's ONLY BTC deposits via the Coinpayments wallet.