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Saturday, November 2, 2019

1 Best Way to Optimize your Videos to Appear #1 in YouTube and Google Search Results - YouTube SEO

In this article, I will not only share with you the ways to export search results on the YouTube platform but will help you to export search results in both YouTube and Google through your videos. I will also share with you some secrets that will make you get targeted views without having to release search results.

Youtube Seo

 Before starting, I ask you to read carefully this guide because you will find the information you will not find elsewhere and ask you to complete the article to the other!

 5 years ago I was looking like you for the best ways to get the first results on YouTube ... but unfortunately, I was reading and applied without being sure of the quality of information, in summary, I wasted 3 years without achieving what I aspired to! In fact, I'm tired of the failed attempts, so I sat down with myself looking for the cause of the problem. I really couldn't find a solution!

 One day with myself I asked myself to see them as the best marketers in the world?

 The answer to this question is why I changed my life 180 degrees!

 What I want to say to you that you are lucky to be in this article and on this site I do not know if a friend has shared this article with you or visited us through search engines ... Yes, you are lucky because you are in the right site that will reduce you thousands of tried and failed methods On a silver platter!

 On the whole after looking for an answer to my question I found the best marketers in the world ...

Here's what I did:

1. I deleted all the information I have

2 - I searched for the best marketer in his field, for example, "the best marketer in the field of SEO, in the field of commission marketing ..."

3- I followed their advice without listening to anyone else!

The best person I benefited from in the YouTube domain was: Brian, founder of "Backlinko"

 Having learned from the top marketers here came the idea of
​​a marketer's website: gathering the best marketers in all areas to share their experiences and help beginners. You should know that beginners have a higher probability of success than old marketers ... on one condition!

 Take the correct information from the beginning!

 In case you are a fan of forums, you will probably take at least 10 days of information, including 9 false information and the probability that the remaining information is correct is 2%.

 What I ask you is to filter the information you take because it will make the difference in your success from your failure! As a result, we have participated with the best Arab marketers in order to follow them and benefit from their experience and most importantly take the right information!

 Sorry for this prolongation and now let's get into the heart of the subject!

Well, what is Youtube SEO?

 SEO YouTube is to optimize your videos for YouTube to appear in YouTube search results. This depends on the factors that must be available in your videos in order to occupy good results in the search engines and this is what we will learn in this article.

What steps do I have to follow in order to release the search results?

  • Internal improvements
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • Create videos that make the visitor stay longer.
  • Promote your video
  • Raise the "CTR" ratio to the maximum degree

 If you do these six steps we will mention in this article you will be able to lead the search results on both YouTube and Google!

Internal improvements

 Yes, just like SEO sites need internal improvements "On-page Seo" Even your channel on YouTube needs internal improvements.

 An important point: the internal enhancements to your YouTube channel are not necessary for SEO YouTube ...

So why would I bother myself about this?

In summary, it is necessary for the search engine Google!

How come?

Let me give you an example of our YouTube channel:

As you know, we recently introduced a course on Amazon Affiliate on YouTube where we explain whenever you need to achieve a decent income through Amazon Affiliate!

Internal improvements consist of several stages, the most important of which are:

  • Title and photo "Miniature"
  • Backlink
  • Description and "Tags"

[Title] and photo "Miniature":

You should know that the title and image are all that the visitor sees, whether on YouTube or Google, so you should care about it to the full!

 For the title, your keyword should be at the beginning of the title.

For example, instead of writing: Comprehensive Course for Profit from Amazon Affiliate.
Amazon Affiliate Course Everything you need for profit.

 Whenever your keyword at the beginning of the title is easy to export your search results, whether on Google or YouTube as your title should be interesting "See how you achieved $ 2000, the secret that everyone hides from you ..." All this will help you to get "CTR" high, Therefore, the views are higher and this is what depends on "Mohammed Kouifi" in his videos, so often see that the proportion of views is very high.

In summary, the higher your "CTR" the more signals are sent to YouTube and Google that your video should be at the forefront of the results, I talked about all of this in detail in the course SEO.

 It is true that the title is an important element, but "Miniature" is sometimes more important, so you have to set up an interesting "Miniature" and make the client click on them among the thousands of results.

What I suggest is to use "Miniature" in bright colors like "green, orange, violet ..."

2. Backlink

  I know you're surprised ...

 How can Backlink be an influential factor in making YouTube search results appear?

 In fact, a backlink is very important to Google but not as important to YouTube ...

 Well in what will benefit us Backlink?

 Good question, you should know that the # 1 factor for YouTube is "CTR", "Views" and "Watch time" and nothing more, but in order to bring these things to need views and in order to bring views you need targeted traffic provides you this the conditions.

 In fact, we will use backlinks not just for YouTube, but to make our videos top the search results on Google ...

 Let me give you a practical example to understand it!

 We all know our YouTube channel.

 You should know that Shopify Arabic does not top any important word in YouTube, but the percentage of views you get is very huge and all through the search engine Google!

 How come?

 You know very well that Google has added a new feature in the search results for YouTube?

 So all I had to do was apply what we learned in SEO sites on my YouTube videos ...