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Fourerr – The Online Gig Marketplace Where People Will do all sorts of things for $4


Fourerr is a web jobs marketplace that connects Buyers and Sellers. Sellers on Fourerr have the chance to market and sell their services for a price starting at $4 up to $100

Buyers on Fourerr can securely purchase these services from $4 and up. Both buyers and sellers can earn rewards on the location . 

After signing up, users post things they're willing to supply buyers  for $4 USD. Buyers review the offers, find one that suits their needs, pay the provider and a $4 match is formed . 

Fourerr vendors get paid once they deliver the finished product or service to the customer and therefore the buyer marks the transaction as complete. 

The $4 is deposited into an account for the seller where it can stay to shop for the services of other Fourerr vendors, or it are often transferred to PayPal for deposit or withdrawal. 

Fourerr is a cheap , fun way for vendors and buyers to seek out exactly what they need at a price anyone can afford. the range and amount of products and services is staggering. it's a web , virtual, global bazaar where everyone features a key role.

- For Sellers: Who may be a Seller? 

A Seller on Fourerr is a private who features a very specialized skill set and may deliver this as a service to a possible buyer.
 As an example, a seller are often a printmaker who focuses on company logos, banners and promotional materials. Here are a couple of more samples of Fourerr sellers: Virtual Assistants providing data entry skills, Video Artists offering their video creation skills, writers, social media marketers and article/video marketers. 

How to Sell on Fourerr How do I create employment to sell on Fourerr? 

Once you've got signed up, check in to your account and follow the subsequent link : Create a Fourerr Gig Now and click on Post New. In order to make a micro job, you want to have an honest picture that stands out from the gang . additionally , we recommend adding a video and title that both clearly describe what you've got to supply  and an in depth description that precisely describes what your buyer will receive. 

Can I sell micro jobs for quite $4? 

Yes, you'll sell out to $100. you'll offer extra jobs that buyers can buy too. How am i able to edit a micro job? You can edit your micro job, after you've got logged in then attend your Dashboard and click on on Manage, then Manage Jobs on the left side. Or, click on this link to navigate there directly once you've got logged in Once you're there therein screen, click on the green control button and choose Edit.

Can I contact the customer before selling? 

Absolutely! Communication is vital . you'll also find buyers waiting to get from sellers by finding out the customer Requests section. 

How do I contact my buyers? 

You can contact anyone on Fourerr. Once a buyer orders from you, you'll track the order ID and exchange messages with him/her thereon page and see a history of your conversion too.

 How do I manage my sales? 

Follow the subsequent link to Manage you Sales on Fourerr: Here, you'll see an inventory of your received orders and consider the orders that need your attention. From here, you'll also return and review your past sales. 

How many days does it deem my sale to be approved? 

When a seller delivers the order, the customer features a maximum of three days to seem into the order and complete the order. If the customer doesn’t complete the order, then Fourerr will automatically complete the order. The order is marked as delivered but I havent received the payment. 

What am i able to do? 

Any order goes through variety of statuses. After the work has been delivered, the customer has the chance to review the order then complete the payment. Once the order has been completed by the customer , the cash will become available for the vendor to withdraw: 

How much does Fourerr charge on my sale? 

Fourerr retains a tenth commission (once the order has been completed by the buyer). I dont have a PayPal account. 

Am I able to receive payment through other means? 

Sorry, paypal only. 

Where do I see the history of my sales? 

You can view all of your completed sales by clicking on this link: 

How am i able to make my gig a success? 

Following are a couple of of the helping guidelines to assist you improve your gig and obtain more out of it.  

  • Use a top quality and discrete image. 
  • Make sure, your image is said to the services you're offering.  
  • If your Gig is of visual type add the image that's made by the vendor himself.  
  • Try adding quite one image.  
  • Keep the outline of your gig distinct and clear.  

Always fill within the instructions to buyer field while creating the gig.  The delivery timing must be realistic. 

What is the Instructions to buyer field? 

It is strongly recommended that you simply fill within the instructions to buyer field while writing your gig. 

These instructions are forwarded to the customer right after the location of their order. 

The time the customer takes for gathering the knowledge , isn't counted towards the delivery period. 

The period of time for the delivery only starts after the customer has placed their order and filled within the information required. 

Am I able to invite an extension? 

Yes you'll , it is, however, up to the discretion of your buyer to simply accept the extension. Contact in the least times the customer and communicate with him/her. 

How am i able to get my gig upgraded to Featured? 

When creating your gig, you'll select to possess it featured for a $10 fee. 

The featured gigs are rotated around with every refresh of the house page. I have already worked on an order when it had been cancelled. 

What should I do? 

An order can only be cancelled with mutual consent or rejection of the customer , which is then accepted by the vendor. 

In rare cases, the Fourerr administrator can cancel the order. If you're unsure about the particular reason why the order has been cancelled, please contact the Fourerr Helpdesk. How much gigs am i able to offer at once? Fourrer currently allow unlimited gigs at a time.

- For Buyers: 

Who may be a Buyer?

A Buyer on Fourerr is a private looking to get a service from a Fourerr seller. A buyer are often anyone who needs a specialized small job completed. 

Fourerrs services often appeal to those curious about starting online businesses as many of our sellers are talented in providing digital goods like writing and graphic design. 

Samples of common services buyers purchase on Fourerr include: creation of an internet site logo, creation of a video or sourcing a Virtual Assistant for Internet research. 

How do I look for a micro job to shop for on Fourerr? 

There are several ways to look for a micro job! You may click on the search icon on top of our screen and easily type within the jobs you're checking out . Once variety of results are returned, you'll filter by date or rating, or maybe use our Advanced Search. 

Buyer Tip: 

Do concentrate to the star rating of a seller, because the star rating rates the vendor and therefore the number of jobs he or she has sold on Fourerr. Can I contact the vendor before buying? Certainly! 

We recommend that you simply simply contact the vendor first before purchasing to form sure that you know and fully understand the service you're purchasing  and to stay good communication with the vendor . I dont have a PayPal account. am i able to pay through other means? 

PayPal accepts credit cards. But we will also accept money transferred into the Fourerrs account (you pays together with your Fourerr account balance): Can a gig be saved for later use? Of course, all you've got to try to to is click the like red button that's placed with each gig. 

The gigs that you simply have liked are added to the My Favorites. However, you'll not add seller to the like list but only gigs. 

How do I contact the vendor a few micro job?

Once you've got found the work you're interested to get or inquire about, the user name of the vendor should appear at the proper of the work title. Click the link Contact: it'll open the message page. 
Type your questions and hit Send message once you're done. 

How do I make a purchase? (How do I buy a micro job?) 

Please log in to your Fourerr account.  look for the work that you simply would really like to get  Click the green Buy For.. button (You can also buy with Balance once you've got collected enough)  Click PayPal button to buy the work  Once the payment is completed, it'll inform you that the order is successful. 

Please attend the My Shopping page of your account to see the order and send all the small print to assist the vendor start performing on your order. Manage My Orders (For Buyers) 

How do I receive my order? 

When you place an order on Fourerr, we create a fanatical tracking page for this order. aside from communicating with the vendor , you'll find anything that the customer has delivered to you on this tracking page. 

Where do I track my order? 

You will be notified with the progress of your orders through email otherwise you can check by visiting the My Shopping page of your Fourerr account to see the status of any of your orders. you'll simply click on the Order ID to ascertain the status. 

I have cancelled an order but I cannot see the refund in my paypal? 

As per the Terms of Service, at the cancellation of your order the cash are going to be refunded to your Fourrer account for future use. However, if you are feeling that you simply will not use Fourerr and need a refund, you'll contact us freely and that we will make a refund.

Affiliate Program by Fourerr Want to figure from home? Make more money?

 Freelancing online can assist you take. Become an affiliate of Fourerr and earn 10% of all sales for the lifetime of the customer! 

All the Referrals ‘ our cookie-settings will apply to all or any of the visitors/affiliates, regardless if they have already got a registered account or not. for instance , if someone was directed to Fourerr from your link, but didn’t make a sale then after 9 months decided to form a sale , you'll still be eligible for commission. Duration: Forever! Commission: 10% of each sale, for life! Limitations: None! 

1. Promote your affiliate link in forums, blogs, articles, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram profile, add your affiliate link to your Twitter profile. Share your affiliate link during this blog post then share the post everywhere. you'll promote your affiliate link using Pinterest. Publish your content and pin your post to Pinterest. Share your affiliate link in your LinkedIn bio. 

2. When an internet site visitor clicks your affiliate links, a record is shipped to the Fourerr affiliate program to trace your metrics like clicks, sales, and commissions. 

3. This member buys something 

4. You earn 10%. Now that’s passive income! you'll get purchased EVERY Purchase they create , forever! 

5. Receive money to your PayPal instanly after you click Withdraw. 
100% of your own affiliate sales! Note: you'll earn 100% commission from affiliates who buy your own services. 

If you refer a user using your affiliate link and that they purchase your own service(s), you'll earn 100% Generating your unique affiliate links (gig, profile or home page) The affiliate can generate their own referral URL (when they're logged in) by clicking ‘Generate URL’: * Select a gig from the Fourerr site that you’d wish to host on your web platform. Once there, search for the sub-section: ‘Shortlink: Generate URL’, where you'll generate the unique gig link to put on your site or social channels. * Under Profile, you create your affiliate link: ‘Shortlink: Generate URL’, then you're given your short code including a string of letters and/or numbers. * you'll also manually create your affiliate link on the Fourerr homepage.


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