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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Make Money 2021 - Best Way to Make Money Online

Associate Program by Zeerk 

Our associate program pays you when your guests purchase any Zeerk Service! Forever! 

Become a member of Zeerk and procure 10% of all deals for the existence of the client! Every one of the Referrals – our treat settings will apply to the entirety of the guests/associates, notwithstanding in the event that they as of now have an enlisted account or not. For instance, on the off chance that somebody was coordinated to Zeerk from your connection, yet didn't make a buy and afterward following 7 months chose to make a buy, you will in any case be qualified for commission. 

Term: Forever! 

Commission: 10% of each deal, forever! 

Restrictions: None! 

1. Advance your subsidiary connection in discussions, websites, articles, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so forth 

2. Guests click on your offshoot connection and land on 

3. This part purchases something 

4. You acquire 10%. Well that is easy revenue 😉 You will get paid for EVERY Purchase they make, until the end of time! 

5. Get cash to your PayPal instanly after you click Withdraw.

100% of your own associate deals! 

Note: You will acquire 100% commission from offshoots who purchase your own administrations. On the off chance that you allude a client utilizing your offshoot connection and they buy your own service(s), you will procure 100% 

Creating your special subsidiary connections (gig, profile or landing page) 

The member can create their own reference URL (when they are signed in) by clicking "Produce URL":

* Select a gig from the Zeerk webpage that you'd prefer to have on your web stage. Once there, search for the sub-area: "Shortlink: Generate URL", where you can create the special gig connect to put on your site or social channels. 

* Under Profile, you make your member connect: "Shortlink: Generate URL", then, at that point you are given your short code including a series of letters or potentially numbers. 

* You can likewise physically make your offshoot connect on the Zeerk landing page You can discover your partner interface here: