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How to create an ebook and start selling via the internet?

The online courses offer, for those who wish to work on the internet, an excellent opportunity to generate income from his knowledge and abilities. Through these ebooks, it is possible to create a business and even work on its own, as many people want!

Do you know ebooks?
The e-book is a book in digital format, which can be read on any electronic equipment, such as a computer, a smartphone, an e-reader (digital book reader) or tablet. They can also be printed and read like a traditional book.

They have great potential for generating new business, and they are very simple to produce. Read this article to learn how!

Adopt the ebook on your content strategy

Set the theme of your e-bookKnow your target audienceOptimize your content productionOrganize and structure the elements of your digital bookIllustrate your ebookChoose the format of your ebookPay attention to the layoutReview the contentSave your artworkChoose the distribution platformSet the price of your productPromote your ebookFollow …