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The importance of Design in Digital Marketing

Beyond the aesthetic issue, design helps identify the lead with your product and has a direct impact on the buying decision.

How important is Design in digital marketing? Very often, we leave aside the visual identity because we believe that Design is superfluous, responsible only to make things more "pretty".

In addition to being responsible for the technical aspects that make the publication or any other graphic element more pleasant to read, showing it in a clearer and more intuitive form. The design is an essential element for creating a dialogue with your target audience, generating recognition and identification with your product.

Together with the copy, the design is the front line of your promotional campaign. It is these two elements combined that make the link producer-buyer or affiliate-buyer.

And we know how much a visual identity and a text with which you identify, who speaks to you, has influence in the purchase decision.

But while the designer's work is very im…