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The issues of natural referencing.Referencing his site, it's expensive?Before embarking on an SEO job.How are we referring to his site?The 4 steps of a well-controlled natural referencing.It takes a long time to set up an SEO?Where to start natural referencing?Optimize your content.Technical Optimization of a site.The link building, or off site optimization.Google penalties.Choosing a provider or an SEO agency.SEO tools.SEO guides.Articles on SEO.
The issues of natural referencingSEO (also called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization) is a major issue for every website. 95% of sites today are dependent on Google, in the sense that it is the latter that brings the majority of traffic. The traffic generated by the search engines is indeed extremely important, which is why it is essential to be well ranked on the strategic keywords related to your site.

Do not burn the steps and start at the beginning: natural referencing, what is it concretely? Well…

Professional SEO for Free

Give your site a free listing on Google
We will, through this article, present our concept of SEO free Google which is totally different from the offers of registration in many directories offered elsewhere and likely to have a negative effect on the SEO of your site.

Why reference a site? The main objective of any website is to be visible and thus ensure a constant and consistent flow of visitors. To be more precise, a site that is not visited can even be considered as non-existent.

The job of SEO is to enable a website to appear in the first results of search engines, synonymous with visibility by a large number of Internet users. Indeed, the usual approach of a user is to use search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google to find an answer on the internet. However, Google must receive special attention due to its leadership status. Many have understood, it is mandatory to properly index his site on this search engine using a good Google SEO.

SEO, not within the reach of all scholars…

1 Best Way to Optimize your Videos to Appear #1 in YouTube and Google Search Results - YouTube SEO

In this article, I will not only share with you the ways to export search results on the YouTube platform but will help you to export search results in both YouTube and Google through your videos. I will also share with you some secrets that will make you get targeted views without having to release search results.

Youtube Seo
 Before starting, I ask you to read carefully this guide because you will find the information you will not find elsewhere and ask you to complete the article to the other!

 5 years ago I was looking like you for the best ways to get the first results on YouTube ... but unfortunately, I was reading and applied without being sure of the quality of information, in summary, I wasted 3 years without achieving what I aspired to! In fact, I'm tired of the failed attempts, so I sat down with myself looking for the cause of the problem. I really couldn't find a solution!
 One day with myself I asked myself to see them as the best marketers in the world?
 The answ…

10 Steps to Boost Your Google Ads Campaign

55% of Internet users do not differentiate between paid results and natural results. However, the one who puts together an effective PPC campaign sees it well, the difference: he immediately sees flowing on his site qualified traffic.

As a reminder, a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is billed at the cost per click. You show ads and pay only if a visitor clicks on them.

By organizing your campaign with Google Ads‎, the Google ad network, you'll be able to make text, image, or video ads. They will appear on Google result pages and on its network of sites and related apps.

But why do PPC when you're already doing SEO?

Both complement each other! The benefits of the PPC are immediate and can increase its notoriety, but stop with the campaign while those of SEO are longer to set up but more sustainable. We obtain more results by combining them than by considering them as distinct alternatives.

Here's what the experts say:

Thomas Cubel, SEO consultant

For me, we have to think about using …